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9 North Broad Street

Ridgewood, NJ 07450

Convey Art Gallery, which began hosting pop-up exhibits in 2021 has settled into a brick-and-mortar gallery space in Ridgewood, NJ in 2022. The artists' styles on display range from contemporary pop art, street art to abstract art. Pieces vary from original artwork to limited edition fine art prints. 


Our goal is to continue to curate large group shows, making original art accessible to the public in an inspiring and welcoming environment. The purpose of the gallery is to get art in front of people.  Art deserves an audience and we believe it needs to be experienced in person to truly be appreciated. 


I work closely with my clientele to bring a unique vision into your home by assisting with art placement as well as custom commissioned pieces. 


The gallery is also a venue for emerging young artists. There is a cultural necessity for art and creativity that we hope to inspire.  I have started a program to support young artists by providing a space for them to display their work.  The idea is to allow these emerging talents to gain exposure and experience alongside well established artists from around the world. 

Along with my husband Dan, we have a passion for the ongoing search for new art. Our personal art collection, which is everything from African art to street art, started about 15 years ago. Visiting galleries & museums around the world and discovering new art has always been a big part of who we are. 


With a background in Fine Art, I worked as a portrait photographer + editor for a world-renowned fine art photographer. Together, as a couple, Dan andI have lived and worked in NYC and London, and have enjoyed traveling and sourcing art, before moving to NJ with our family. But that doesn’t mean we have “settled down”.


We are on a mission to share our passion for the never ending search for new and exciting artwork. 

I look forward to meeting you in the Gallery!


Owner + Curator 



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