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About Amy

Amy Shekhter is an emerging American contemporary artist. She is inspired by historic iconic figures and her love of today’s fashion. She uses a creative mix of mediums, merging digital design with various layers of texture found from resin, glitter, paint, and crystals. By putting a modern spin on familiar imagery, Amy’s pop art not only introduces younger generations to these important icons, but also touches on materialism and values of today’s culture.

Amy spent her childhood living in Alaska, then moved to Florida in 2002 to pursue a degree in education. She used her M.Ed. in Art Education to teach art in public and private schools as well as at many local museums and galleries. In the past five years, her love for teaching has transferred into a desire to focus more on her own work. Her admiration for influential females can be seen in her past and current works, as she creates a playful spin on contemporary culture using prominent branding and bold colors. Guided by her fascination with the differences in communities, values, and needs, she has seen in her move across the U.S.,  she expresses this contrast in culture through her work.

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