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Artist Spotlight: Dana Salzone

We are thrilled to show works by Dana Salzone at the Gallery.

Untitled. 36” x 48”

Dana, who currently resides in Madison, NJ, works primarily in oil and highly pigmented acrylic on large-scale canvases. She draws inspiration from old photographs my late grandmother Jeanne took in Monet’s gardens in the 1970s and her two young children. She attempts to harness their wild energy into creating art and expressing themselves.

We recently had the opportunity to talk with Dana and learn a little more about her inspirations and style.

What would you say your motto is as an artist?

A bad day painting is better than a good day in my old corporate job. Where do you get inspiration for your art? Old photographs my late grandma took in her extensive world travels How would you describe your art style? Abstract+Expressionism What is something that not many people know about you (that you don’t mind that we share)? I paint with both hands, and I’m usually listening to loud house music What do you hope people “get” from your art? I hope they can complete the room in their home by adding art that they love

To see more of Dana’s pieces, visit her page on our website, stop by the Gallery to see them in person or you can visit her website at


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